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September 27th, 2008 Brokenstraw Creek
  With temps in the mid 70s, and nice diffused cloudy light it was the perfect late September day to go out and make some photographs. Shortly after lunch, I arrived at Brokenstraw Creek right off Cemetery Road in Warren County, PA. The air temps were pretty warm, but when I got in the water it was pretty chilly with water temps around 60 or so. In all the years I have been fishing and photographing along Brokenstraw I had never seen the water as low as it was. The reason or this was that we had not had much if any rain for about a month.

I spent about an hour and a half here and fired off a roll in a new Diana Clone I had just scored, and half a roll in another Diana Clone. I also fired off a roll of Efke IR820 Infrared film in one of my Holgas.

After shooting here I hopped in the car and headed down to Pittsfield, PA off Davey Hill Road and PA 27. There is a nice pull off next to the creek there where I parked. Once again I was shocked to see just how far down the water was. I finished off the roll I had started in the Diana Clone and shot another half a roll of IR in the Holga.

I decided to go to a another spot but the light had changed and I just decided to call it a day.

When I got home, I developed the two rolls of film I had shot in the Diana Clones and much to my dismay the new Diana Clone must have had a bad light leak as the entire roll of film I shot at cemetery road was badly fogged and unusable. The other roll turned out nicely however.

In the end it was a nice outing. I got a few portfolio level pieces for both my Brokenstraw Creek project and my ongoing Holga IR project. Even with the bad roll of film (which I discovered was due to a light leak around the view finder) it was a very good trip. I wish every trip would turn out so good.

The nice thing about local project such as this is that when you run into a technical issue like the light leak you can always go back and reshoot it which is something I intend to do very soon. Of course it will never be exactly the same but it just means another great excuse to go out and shoot.

Diana Clone Pictures


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