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September 21st, 2008 Trib of Brokenstraw Creek (Spring Creek)
I was determined to get out and shoot something this weekend. As always I was hoping for good light, but my streak of bad light continued. The mail man had been kind to me and dropped off on Saturday a Raleigh (Diana Clone) that was a recent score from Ebay. So after dinner despite the bad light I decided to head out anyway. If nothing else I could do a test run with the new camera.

Not knowing what the trip would hold I decided I would head over to a small tributary of Brokenstraw Creek called Spring Creek.

I found this spot back in March and even though it is only a few minutes from my house I had not revisited this site.

I parked my car just beyond the one lane bridge on the right shoulder and headed on down to the creek. There is an old abandoned apple orchard there and the trees were fat with apples. The local deer will find this a good place to eat this winter. There was a small deer trail off to the side of the road and I followed that down to the creek.

I had packed my whole camera bag but decided to only bring the Raleigh with me. I had it loaded with a roll of Ilford HP5 which is quickly becoming the film of choice for my Dianas. I spent about a half an hour there in the late afternoon/early evening and burned through the roll of film.

I did not have high hopes but when I got home I developed the film anyway. To my surprise I found I really liked the shot above. The effect of the Diana lens on the Willow tree at the top I find rather nice. This is definitely going to be included as part of my Brokenstraw Creek Project.

There were two other shots that I kind of dig which you can see below. All in all not a bad outing.



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