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November 22nd, 2008 Brokenstraw Creek
  After a very heavy snow during the week, I was able to get out and make some pictures. Between winter setting in, my day job, and it getting dark very early it has been very hard to get out and shoot. I went to one of my regular spots along Cemetery Road that gives very easy access to the creek. There is a nice cotton wood tree that I have photographed many times.

With temps in the low 20s I put on my chest waders and entered the creek. The water was around 35 degrees but I was nice and toasty in my waders. I was quite sad to see the the heavy snow had broken off a few of the branches on my favorite tree. However I was pretty sure that it would make for a nice photograph.

I shot a roll of Efke IR820 in one of my Holgas trying various angles on the tree. About the time I started to break out another body with a fresh roll of film the snow really began to come down again, so I packed it up and called it a day. It was just nice to be out shooting again.


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