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May 24th, 2009 Brokenstraw Creek
  Well summer is finally here and the warm weather and water is NICE! Today was all about experimenting and trying to nail down new exposure/film/filter combos. For this experiment I shot 2 rolls of film in Holga 120N's. The first was a roll of Kodak Tri-X and the second was a roll of HP5. Both are 400 speed B&W panchromatic films so they are similar, but both also have different tonalities.

For this shoot I decided to go back to "The Islands" area of Brokenstraw Creek that I had gone to on several occasions before. In the main creek area the water levels were getting back to normal summer flow so what was knee deep a month or so ago was no only ankle deep. This area was chosen because it was close to home, and I wanted to explore it a bit more.

For this shoot I stacked 3 filters together. First up was B+W 3.0ND filter. This filter cuts back the light by 10 stops and has a filter factor of 1000X. That means that 1 second of exposure would get carried out to 1,000 seconds. On top of that I stacked a Minolta #11Green Filter and finally stacked with a Hoya Polarizing filter.

The first roll I shot was the Kodak Tri-X. My goal was to experiment with different exposures and in different lighting. I had figured that 1-2 minutes would be pretty close so I shot 3 frames at 4 spots. One at 1 minute, one at 2, and the other at 3 minutes. Sadly after I had shot the roll and was putting the camera away, I realized that I had forgotten to switch the camera over to bulb mode after shooting with it at the beach on normal. The end result was each shot was exposed for 1/100th of a second and the whole roll was blank :-(

The second roll which was the Ilford HP5 turned out much better. I thought to check the switch and changed it over to bulb. I shot the same 3 bracketed exposures here as well. The results are below. I am quite happy with this filter combo and will experiment further with it to really dial it in.

I also cropped these to 8x10s as I thought they worked better that way.



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