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March 15th, 2009 Brent Run
  It hit 50 today!! It really feels like Spring is right around the corner. With the snow melt the streams are very high so I went to a smaller stream today. I figured there would be a bunch of water in Brent Run and I was not disappointed.

This area is one big cascade that is about 1,000 feet or so from the very top to the very bottom. I have shot the lower parts many times but have never made it up to the top. It is a brutal hike but after the winter we had I made it a personal challenge. The first picture below is what the top looks like. There were a bunch of people at the lower part but I had the upper parts all to myself. I wore a pair of shorts and waded in the water. It was very cold but I had fun anyway.

I only shot one roll of film but I made every exposure count. All in all a fun day with my Holga and a roll of Efke IR820.


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