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  In a Rut? Shoot a Personal Project.
  by Wallace Billingham
  It happens to all of us eventually. You are just minding your own business and then bam it hits you the photographic rut. You don't know how it happened you are just stuck with it. The good news in this, and from experience I can tell you that when you get stuck in rut you are often on the verge of a creative breakthrough. One surefire way to get out of a rut is to work on a personal project. A personal project can be that kick in the butt to get out there and shoot.

A personal project can be anything but it should have clearly defined goals, with measurable mile stones along the way.

A good example is the personal project that (as of this writing) I am currently working on. My current personal project is my "Brokenstraw Creek" project. Brokenstraw Creek is a small but important local creek. My project involves shooting it with various toy cameras and film cameras to capture the beauty of it all. I began the project in late summer, and will continue it into the fall and winter. My end goal is to have a portfolio of 50-75 images in color, B&W, and IR and then publish them in book form using a POD printer.

Now here comes the cool part. A personal project is just that personal, and as such you are in control. Often times I will start a project and then move on to something else, or one project will just flow into another. In the end that is OK. The ultimate goal is to just get out of a rut and move forward.

So what is your project? I would encourage everyone to try it.


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